This blog is for the Skogstad family! We (Jørgen, Ann-Kristin, Thea and Nicolai) have moved to Melbourne in Australia .. and I guess need somewhere to post stuff from our ventures down under. Not that it would be of much use to others, but we could at least save some of it for our one future reference and use!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Wanted mods to my Nissan Patrol 4WD!

I've got a 2003 Nissan Patrol 3.0l turbo-diesel (Automatic) which I really would like to make ready for some serious tripping. Not sure if I ever will get there, but here are some mods that I would not mind throwing in there in case I ever get the $$$'s to do so:

Roller Drawers w/floor extension = BOUGHT!. (Seats in config)

ShippShare Car Top Tent = BOUGHT! ($3250).
I got the ShippShape Homestead used. Barely used.

ARB Bull Bare = BOUGHT!.

StrongArm, dual-tyre carrier = ~$2500.

ARB Dual-battery system = BOUGHT!.

Nissan Original Snorkel = BOUGHT (~$500 fitted).

UHF system for the car = BOUGHT!

UHF antenna for the car (mounted on bull bar) = BOUGHT!

HF radio for the car = ~$2500/TBD.

Trek table for rear door = $200.

TJM Fishing Rod Holder = $TBD.

TJM Ox Air Compressor = $TBD.
(Mount under bonnet)

ARB Water Tank = $TBD

ARB Long Range Fuel Tank = $TBD

ARB Awning = $TBD

Hi-Jack lift = $TBD.

ARB Tyreplier Tyre Repair Kit = $TBD.

NavNet computer and GPS system = $3500.
Accessories for the car computer system:
  • Wireless compact keyboard w/trackball (mouse emulation)
  • Wireless antenna
    • Sprint mount for wireless antenna
  • USB wireless adapter w/antenna plug
    • Nesa Vision NFM-8 - Wired FM Modulator
  • Cable to connect USB wireless w/antenna
  • Nesa Vision NFM-8 - Wired FM Modulator
  • Video cable to connect VDO unit in the back to screen in front

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Christmas DVD 2006

We just finished the Christmas 2006 DVD from down under the other day. It was my first try at using Apples iMovie and iDVD, and to be honest I did never expect it to be that easy. Just a testament to the fact that Apple sure puts useability in the drivers seat and is another reason I will continue to be an avid MAC phreak from now on.

I'm also going to convert the dvd into a Quicktime stream, and upload to our website Got to check how easy it is, and if it is something I want to do the next time around.

One thing's for sure; it's not the last time I'll be doing this, and from now on I'll most definately be taking video clips alot more than I used to!

Cheers and all the best!

/Jorgen Skogstad
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jskogsta's bookmarks on

I've started to use the service from Yahoo. Looks really cool, and solves the problem of sharing bookmarks between several computers. Since I am using Firefox across all my computers, this solves a headache that I've had for quite some time. At least that I am hoping for .. so why not give it a go?! You can find my page on their site here: jskogsta's bookmarks on .. so enjoy! /Jorgen

Monday, January 08, 2007

4WD interiors is a site with lots of cool interior stuff for your rig!

If you have a 4WD rig, and you want some good interior additions, this company produces some really good and interesting stuff. When I have some spare cash I am planning to extend our Nissan Patrol with some mods from them. The roller drawer system is interesting, as is the extended floor. Actually enables a proper sleeping area if need be too! :) /Jorgen

Car roof top tents are cool!

Have a look at this car roof top tent.. it's pretty cool, but carries a hefty price tag. The one that sleeps like 5 people is just impressive. I want one! /Jorgen

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Require a laptop stand for your car??

Then this might be of interest: ... I've been thinking of testing out using my new mini ultraportable Sony Vaio 11.1" laptop in the car, but require a laptop stand. Rather than building one, this one seems like a good choice and quite frankly it's not very expensive! /Jorgen

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Freighter Travel with Freighter World Cruises, Inc.

Wow! This would have been a cool thing to do; travel the world on a freighter ship. Costs a lot less, and you get to see some places that you most probably would never get to. How about doing a 120 day around-the-world voyage? Will set you back 12-14.000 USD, but not that bad comparing cruise ships. So if you're restricted to a budget, it might be a good idea. Would probably have to stack up on dvd's, games, a few laptops, plenty of books .. but should be interesting!? Have a look here; Freighter Travel with Freighter World Cruises, Inc.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Thea by the River at Southbank!

This is somewhat old, but still thought this picture of Thea by the river at Southbank was good. There was a Chinese festival on and she had her face painted. Looks pretty cool, right! If my mind's not escaping me, this was back in February or something. In any case, it was a pretty good day! /Jorgen Posted by Picasa

17th of May celebrated at the Swedish Church in Melbourne

This years 17th of May we celebrated at the Swedish Church in Melbourne (Australia). As you can see from the collage the kids had a blast. Lots of Scandinavians.. well to be honest, there are not many around here.. so "lots" is relative, right! Alot of 'friends of Norway' were there too. All in all a very good day. I guess the only drag was the fact that we could not walk the streets of Toorak. The crazy thing here in Australia is that you need insurance to be allowed to to public marches like this. Can amount to quite a bit, hence the parade could not be done in public, but had to be done in the courtyard. Not the same, but still ..

.. and the last thing, we actually celebrated the 17th of May on Sunday the 21st.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Australia has unleashed (!) a new ad campaign!

Australia has just announced it's "Where the bloody hell are you?" campaign. It is well worth a look as it has some awsome pictures. I guarantee that you will want to go after looking at it! Have a look here ... Enjoy!